Jem Cole is a character from Thomas and Friends.

Apperances Edit

The Railway Series Edit

  1. Edward the Blue Engine - Saved from Scrap
  2. Thomas and the Twins - Trevor Helps Out (cameo)

Companion Volumes Edit

  1. Sodor: Reading Between the Lines

TV Series Edit

  1. Bertie's Chase (cameo)
  2. Saved from Scrap
  3. Thomas and Trevor (cameo)
  4. Wrong Road (cameo)
  5. Edward's Exploit (cameo)
  6. Woolly Bear (cameo)
  7. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree (cameo)
  8. Gordon and the Famous Visitor (cameo)
  9. Henry's Forest (cameo)
  10. Mavis (cameo)
  11. Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party (not named)
  12. James Goes Buzz Buzz (cameo)
  13. All at Sea (cameo)
  14. One Good Turn (cameo)
  15. Tender Engines (cameo)
  16. Escape (cameo)
  17. Bulgy (cameo)
  18. Heroes (cameo)
  19. Sleeping Beauty (not named)
  20. Passengers and Polish (cameo)
  21. Gallant Old Engine (cameo)
  22. Rusty to the Rescue (cameo)
  23. Train Stops Play (cameo)
  24. Bulls Eyes (cameo)
  25. Special Attraction (cameo)
  26. Mind That Bike (cameo)
  27. Horrid Lorry (cameo)
  28. Lady Hatt's Birthday Party (not named)
  29. Bye George! (cameo)
  30. Toby and the Flood (cameo)
  31. Baa! (cameo)
  32. Toby's Discovery (cameo)
  33. Thomas and the Rumours (cameo)
  34. Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday (cameo)
  35. Make Someone Happy (cameo)
  36. Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry (does not speak)
  37. Twin Trouble (cameo)
  38. James and the Red Balloon (cameo)
  39. Percy's Chocolate Crunch (cameo)
  40. Percy Gets it Right (stock footage cameo)
  41. Edward's Brass Band (cameo)
  42. The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop (does not speak)
  43. Something Fishy (cameo)
  44. Bulgy Rides Again (cameo)
  45. The Grand Opening (cameo)
  46. Harold and the Flying Horse (cameo)
  47. Best Dressed Engine (cameo)
  48. Three Cheers for Thomas (cameo)
  49. Thomas and the Tuba (cameo)
  50. Percy's New Whistle (cameo)
  51. Thomas and the Firework Display (cameo)
  52. Emily's Adventure (cameo)

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