Thomas and Friends (series 7)
Country of origin: United Kingdom
No. of episodes: 26
Original channel: Nick Jr.
Original run: 6 October – 10 November 2003
Series chronology
Previous season: Series 6 (2002)
Next season: Series 8 (2004)
List of Thomas and Friends episodes
The seventh season of the television series of Thomas and Friends aired in 2003. All twenty-six episodes were narrated by Michael Angelis with original music in the UK and Michael Brandon with new music in the US. Michael Angelis also narrated 4 episodes for the US release, New Friends for Thomas and Other Adventures. This season was filmed during HIT Entertainment's acquisition of Gullane Entertainment. An episode is paired with season 8 and 9 airings on PBS Kids and Nick Jr airings on weekends.


No. of series No. of episode Title Original air date
157 1 "Emily's New Coaches" 6 October 2003
A new engine named Emily arrives and unintentionally steals Annie and Clarabel. This makes Thomas cross, and he and the other engines make Emily feel rather unwelcome.
158 2 "Percy Gets It Right" 7 October 2003
Percy warns everyone that a landslide might occur, but everyone is too busy to listen to him. However, Thomas is the victim of his ignorance as he passes that spot.
159 3 "Bill, Ben and Fergus" 8 October 2003
Fergus tries to help Bill and Ben at the quarry, but they find him bossy. They ignore his warning to take care with the noisy rock crusher, which leads to a rockslide.
160 4 "The Old Bridge"/
"The Old Iron Bridge"
9 October 2003
Skarloey nearly falls off a wooden bridge, scaring him from passing it again. Rheneas takes over his duty to cross it, but he has to pluck up courage when his friend is in danger.
161 5 "Edward's Brass Band" 10 October 2003
An accident prevents Edward from getting to take the brass band. But when he is finally repaired, Bertie (his substitute) gets stuck in the mud.
162 6 "What's the Matter with Henry?" 13 October 2003
Thomas and Percy don't believe that Henry is really feeling ill today. Luckily, Emily cares for her friend and helps solve what is hurting him.
163 7 "James and the Queen of Sodor" 14 October 2003
Boastful James takes the opportunity to be grand by taking the "Queen of Sodor". But it turns out that this queen is in fact the name of a smelly barge.
164 8 "The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop"
"The Refreshment Lady's Stand"
15 October 2003
Peter Sam is given the assignment of helping the Refreshment Lady choose a new location for a tea shop. But she only wishes to have a stand in each place.
165 9 ""The Spotless Record"
"Spotless Record"
16 October 2003
Thomas plays a trick on Arthur, who has never been naughty or in an accident, by telling him to keep the trucks in order. But the trucks – and Thomas – ruin his spotless record.
166 10 "Toby's Windmill"
"Toby and the Windmill"
17 October 2003
Toby accidentally causes trouble at his favourite windmill. To make matters worse, a storm destroys it. Toby wants to make up for his mistake by fixing it.
167 11 "Bad Day at Castle Loch" 20 October 2003
While Donald and Douglas are pleased about Lord Callan's castle re-opening, they aren't too excited when they encounter something spooky that night during a trip.
168 12 "Rheneas and the Roller Coaster" 21 October 2003
Rheneas wants to show the children a really special sight, but doesn't think anything around is good enough. Meanwhile, he stumbles onto a twisty and unsafe track.
169 13 "Salty's Stormy Tale" 22 October 2003
Salty is hurt when he hears Thomas and Percy making fun of him. But that night, being the clever diesel he is, he stops what could've been a terrible shipwreck.
170 14 "Snow Engine"
"Oliver the Snow Engine"
23 October 2003
Oliver detests snow, but Toad likes it. Oliver's grumpy mood leads him straight into being the new face of a snowman. He has to now spend the night in the stuff.
171 15 "Something Fishy" 24 October 2003
Arthur is disappointed when the new line at the Fishing Village is given to Thomas – who hates fish. But Thomas's attitude leaves him in a mess only Arthur can help with.
172 16 "The Runaway Elephant" 27 October 2003
Duncan wants to finish first, and ignores instructions to go slowly with the elephant statue. He regrets leaving without the brake van when the statue pulls him along the line.
173 17 "Peace and Quiet" 28 October 2003
New engine Murdoch only wants some peace and quiet, which is something that is hard to find on a railway. The next day, he runs into a flock of noisy sheep on the line.
174 18 "Fergus Breaks the Rules"
"Thomas and the Search for Fergus"
29 October 2003
Diesel tricks Fergus into going to a new job at the Smelter's, even though he is considered the pride of the Cement Works. But Fergus wants to follow the rules at any price.
175 19 "Bulgy Rides Again" 30 October 2003
Bulgy is given a second chance at being a bus. But the hens still want him as their henhouse. They sneak back on board and cause trouble the next day.
176 20 "Harold and the Flying Horse" 31 October 2003
As Harold is on duty, Percy hears a story about Pegasus, the flying horse that will give rides at the fete. Percy and Harold both see the horse and help the fete when the horse gets stuck in a ditch.
177 21 "The Grand Opening" 3 November 2003
Skarloey is upset about being late. Meanwhile, the hot air balloon the Fat Controller is on loses air. Luckily, Skarloey spots them and helps on his way to the grand opening.
178 22 "Best Dressed Engine" 4 November 2003
Gordon scoffs as the other engines decorate themselves for May Day. But Gordon's cross mood leaves him with a banner strung across his boiler by mistake, causing trouble on his journey.
179 23 "Gordon and Spencer" 5 November 2003
Gordon is jealous of Spencer, the world's fastest steam engine. But Spencer runs out of water on Gordon's Hill, making him the one in disgrace.
180 24 "Not So Hasty Puddings"
"Not So Hasty Cakes"
"Thomas and the Avalanche"
6 November 2003
Thomas is jealous when Elizabeth is given the task of shipping Christmas puddings. But she slips on the icy roads, so Thomas has to help after all.
181 25 "Trusty Rusty" 7 November 2003
Duncan ignores Rusty's warning about the old wooden bridge, for being "only a diesel". But Duncan runs out of coal on the bridge – just as it starts to fall.
182 26 "Three Cheers for Thomas"
"Hooray for Thomas"
10 November 2003
To feel important, Thomas agrees to race Bertie. But during his competition, the load of medals for the children's competition needs to be delivered, and Thomas needs to do this job.



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  • This was the final season of several things:
    • David Mitton's final season as director.
    • Phil Fehrle's last season as producer.
    • Peter Urie's last season as executive producer.
    • The final season to have Britt Allcroft involved in production.
    • The final season to include music composed by Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell.
    • The final season to use music composed with Proteus 2, Proteus 2000 and Proteus 3.
    • The final season to use 35mm film.
    • The final season in 4:3 fullscreen in Japan (As well as the last season to be released on Japanese video tapes).
    • The final season to use the original opening credits and theme.
  • This was also the first season of several things:
    • This was Michael Brandon's first season as narrator.
    • This was the only season to have different soundtracks in different regions. In the US, the episodes were recomposed with music by Robert Hartshorne and using Engine Rollcall as the theme.
    • This was Jocelyn Stevenson's first season as executive producer.
    • This was the first season to use the Thomas & Friends logo in the opening titles.
    • This was the first season not dubbed in Norwegian or Slovenian.
    • This was the first season filmed under HiT Entertainment.
  • The US version of this season uses the eighth season intro and music.
  • US versions of Gordon and Spencer, Emily's New Coaches, The Spotless Record, Peace and Quiet, Harold and the Flying Horse, Bulgy Rides Again, and Salty's Stormy Tale scored by Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell were released on the New Friends for Thomas and Thomas & the Jet Engine VHS/DVDs respectively in 2004.
  • UK versions of the season, excluding Snow Engine, A Bad Day at Castle Loch, The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop, The Grand Opening and The Runaway Elephant, recomposed by Robert Hartshorne were broadcast on Nick Jr. and included on the Bumper Party Collection! DVD.
  • This was Jan Page's only season as script editor.
  • This was Britt Allcroft's only season as creative consultant.
  • This season uses more stock footage than any other season.
  • This season has the most episodes broadcast out of production order.
  • This season was never shown in Norway, Spain or Germany.
  • In the UK versions of some of the episodes, Britt Allcroft is not credited for creating the series for television.
  • This season was broadcast on Nick Jr. in late 2003 before airing on CiTV in early 2004.
  • This season saw the return of two episodes being compiled into one 10-minute block when CiTV broadcasted this season in 2004. The only difference is that the opening titles are shown again at the end of the first episode. At the same time, CiTV also compiled the previous episodes from the sixth season into 10 minute blocks.


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